Why is the NIKE CORTEZ constantly in the top of the “MUST-HAVE” shoe models of the era?

Nike Cortez is no longer a strange name for sneaker lovers. Launched in 1972, the Nike Cortez line has continuously stormed the sneaker market and is an indispensable shoe in the jordan uk shop shoe cabinet. So what is the reason why shoes from the Nike family are always the item that is being sought after by the shoe enthusiasts and there is no sign of such cooling?

Unique fashion design

The first factor to mention is the extremely different design of the Nike Cortez shoe. It is no exaggeration to say that Nike is one of the famous shoe brands and always at the forefront of unique, creative designs but never losing the brand’s distinctive look. Nike Cortez shoes become the earthquake because of the unique design and different from the previous designs. The unique design with plump body and sleek toe called Cortez has helped the shoes become familiar shoes for fashion followers.

Thanks to the round design of the shoe, your feet become slimmer, lighter and more elegant. Nike also minimizes the design of the shoe using only the familiar Nike logo for the sides of the shoe. The color scheme of Nike Cortez is also very simple, not many colors make the shoe delicate. Besides classic shoes, you may find Nike Cortez red hook, Nike Cortez black hook, or blue hook. It is this simplicity that brings convenience, relaxation and very easy to coordinate.

Not simply a fashion shoe, but also at the forefront of quality

But the beautiful design is not the factor that makes the Nike Cortez boom line when it is “released”, but the perfect quality has helped Nike Cortez always keep its charisma and “hot” in all aspects. battle.

To dispel thoughts about fashionable shoes will not “quality”. Nike Cortez is Nike’s first running shoe, appeared in the 1972 Olympics season. You may not know, but the father of Nike Cortez is Bill Bowerman – Nike co-founder and an athletics coach. . The idea for Nike Cortez shoes came from the fact that he wanted athletes to have shoes that were comfortable but also durable.

It is from that idea that Bill Bowerman designed Nike Cortez with a thick body, foam sole and midsole with elastic cushion for maximum support for the foot. Therefore, Nike Cortez was named “the quietest shoe in history” at that time. Although the starting point is running shoes for athletes, Nike Cortez is loved and received not only by athletes but also by fashion followers. It’s not just because of the unique look, but also because of the nature of a great running shoe.

The “comfortable” price point is a plus point to help Nike Cortez maintain its reputation

Despite this “hot”, Nike Cortez has a very reasonable price, ranging from 2 million 1 to 4 million 6 depending on color and design. This factor is extremely convincing, helping you not be able to deny owning such a child. A shoe that is both beautiful in design, durable in quality and has an extremely “affordable” price, so how can the shoe lovers can resist “her” charm?

And in this year 2021, Nike Cortez promises to continue to take the throne and lead the main trend by trendy and unique design and impeccable quality. In addition, simplicity is becoming a trend in the fashion world in the future and Nike Cortez will help you get a subtle, light style but extremely attractive to the eye. So what are you waiting for without visiting jordanukshop.com to choose a Nike Cortez like the best for you this summer!

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