The DO9355-300 Nike LeBron 9 Low LeBronald Palmer will be released in 2022

The Nike LeBron 9 Low LeBronald Palmer gets its name from an iconic iced Tea named after famous golfer Arnold Palmer. It was first released in 2012 in very limited quantities and is resale value hits astronomical numbers on third party marketplaces. The nike shoes feature vibrant green and orange tropical tree graphics on the exterior, reminiscent of sun-drenched Miami days. The bold orange Swooshes on the side panels are a nod to South Beach nightlife. The laces are accented with teal-green hue that will transport you to paradise every time you lace up your shoes. Additional details include insoles bearing graphics of the actual “Arnold Palmer Drink”. With metallic gold badges on the heel, these kicks embody luxury and leisure.

Where To Buy The Nike LeBron 9 Low LeBronald Palmer

Nike LeBron 9 Low LeBronold Palmer
Color: White Lime/Bright Mango-New Green
Release Date: 2022
Style Code: DO9355-300

Lebron 9 Lebronald Palmer Resale

The chart gives us the average sale price of the shoe since March 16,2022. Since March 16th, the shoe has lost nearly $40 every day, with a current market value of $258. Sunday had some of the worst numbers, with the value plummeting to $165. Most Lebron signature shoes that have been retroed haven’t performed well at all. Let’s find the five number summary for better insights.

The lowest sale recorded was $108 ( corresponding to 13 sizes 8), this explains why the resale value went down to $165 on March 20,2022. The highest sale is recorded was $390 ( on a size 12 recorded on 3/16/22). 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $108 to $140 ( sizes 8 and 10) , you definitely want to avoid these sizes if you’re a reseller. But for collectors that wear those sizes, that’s great news. 50% sold for prices between $140 and $228 ( mostly sizes 9, 9.5,10.5 and 11) and another 25% sold for prices from $228 to $390 ( sizes 11,12, 13 and 140). The overall resale value of the shoe is $184, leading to a loss of $17. If you plan on reselling this shoe, I’ll only recommend sizes 12 and 13, any other size will be considered a risky investment. But this is very good news for collectors, they ought to rejoice.

The OG release of Palmer is still selling for $1,000, so being able to grab the retro version for retail and under is definitely amazing news for those that want to wear the shoes.

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