The CQ9326-700 Nike kyrie 7 1 World 1 People will be released in September

During my latest trip to the mall , the shoe that caught my attention was the Nike Kyrie 7 1 World 1 People. I like the concept of 1 World 1 people because it takes me back to the book of genesis in the days of creation when out of one man, Adam, God created all groups of people. The mandate to “love your neighbor as yourself” was given by God yet because the Fall, we’ve all failed to keep the Lord’s command. But in Jesus Christ , God is not only reconciling the world to Himself but HE’s also reconciling us to one another , destroying the wall of hostility that exists between different people group, this is the reason why I Like the concept of “1 world 1 people”. The shoe features a composite mesh upper with yellow being the most dominant color. Other highlighted colors are black , sky blue , green, red and white.

Nike Kyrie 7 “1 World 1 People”
Color: Yellow Strike/Green Abyss-Bright Crimson-Black
Style Code: CQ9326-700
Release Date: September 3, 2021

UPDATE 8/28: Nike confirms that the “1 World 1 People” Kyrie 7 will be available on September 3rd in both men’s and kids sizing.

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