Lil Nas X cooperated with MSCHF to release the Air Max 97 “Satan” version with real human blood in them.

MSCHF has once again resumed its old tricks, following on from “Jesus Shoes” and the feverish Birkinstocks with a collaboration with Lil Nas X on “Satan Shoes”.

Based on Nike’s Air Max 97 (NYSE: NKE + 0.38%), the “Satan Shoes” has a wicked look as if this is not an attainable sneakers. Next to the completely black upper, you’ll find an air sole – The air is filled with 60cc of ink and a drop of real human blood – yes, you read it correctly.

The dark theme does not end there, as these sneakers are limited to 666 (very suitable), individually numbered in red on the hip, while “Luke 10:18” adorns The front quadrant is also in satan red. Note: 10:18 is the passage in which Luke says, “I have seen Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

In fairways, there is a bronze pentagram engraved on the reed with an inverted cross on it, the heel of the shoe is stamped with the names of MSCHF and Lil Nas X, and the lining is made of red wool. pentagram on the heels.

MSCHF’s latest pair is slated to be another viral hit following the success of “Jesus Shoes”, after being worn by the likes of Drake, Bad Bunny, LeBron James, and more. has become an extremely sought-after and expensive item in the resale market.

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