Best Look at the Nike Dunk Low “Ceramic”

Surely we still cannot forget the madness when the ceramic color scheme was launched in 2001. Nike Dunk Low “Ceramic” – part of Ugly Duckling but perhaps the retro-look color scheme is also full of poison. And, after exactly 19 years the legend has returned to make people excited. With jordanukshop look at this design after a year of launch!

Nike Dunk Low Ceramic– a design that witnessed a change in a legendary design, launched at the same time as the Air Jordan, but Nike Dunk has never been a flagship shoe. The lack of investment by the father is more in favor of the Air Jordan, making the two designs created for the same purpose, which is clearly the winner.

Sometimes we are born for one purpose but live for another. The Nike Dunk is a prime example. After the debut of Ugly Duckling we saw a complete transformation of this shoe with improvements to better fit and truly become a genuine skateboard shoe. With a thicker reed as well as more hugging the legs.

The Nike Dunk Low Ceramic UK is one of the last versions to see a change of a legendary design, so the shoe retains the old generation’s design features with a thin, open-legged reed. , returning as a tribute to the root because after having made more suitable changes to new customers, we have reaped great success.

Derived from the thousand-year culture of the country of the rising sun, Ceramic still has a minimalistic look with a dark brown color. However, the brilliant features are indispensable to the ancient mossy green of Japan’s thousand-year-old walls.

In addition, all are presented in high quality suede material. Although the design has been around for two decades, this comeback has been welcomed with enthusiasm. And, it is not surprising that, after a short time of release, some sizes have kept the price of thousands of dollars in the current resell market.

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