Ambush x Nike Dunk High Flash Lime New Colourway

For many, the “L” mourning from the Deep Royal Ambush Dunk is still deep. With us too. But that’s just part of the sneaker game. Such an “L” is like lovesickness, at some point something new comes around the corner and the wounds heal faster than you think. So maybe some people feel much better when they see the mock-up of the Ambush x Nike Dunk High Flash Lime. We have bundled all rumors and information for you.

The Korean designer, Yoon Ambush, is currently one of the luminaries when it comes to working with Nike. She alternates between hands on Converse and Dunk models and the results are really impressive. We are definitely fans of the designs and have one or the other model in our closet.

After the Deep Royal Dunk release two weeks ago left some people empty-handed, there are already rumors about the next colourway. And it can hardly be overlooked. At first glance, the Flash Lime looks like a Hulk x Nike collaboration. But Ambush has already proven in the past that she likes bright colors, so that’s not all that absurd.

The Korean blog “Ly Syndrome” has spread the first rumors and published a picture. But the picture is only a rendering and so we don’t know yet whether the shoe will really turn out that way. If the rumors are true, the Flash Lime comes pretty tone-on-tone in bright green. The black swoosh, which, just like the previous dunks, shoots over the shoe, provides contrast. All other details are sure to stay the same.

A short while ago it was said that an ambush dunk should come in the Chicago Colourway, but that was done again very quickly, unfortunately. That is why we are now holding back our assumptions about the Ambush x Nike Dunk High Flash Lime and will notify you immediately when the mock-up becomes an official picture.

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