Air Jordan 11 Adapt – when technology meets fashion

Surely we are no longer too unfamiliar with the expensive Adapt technology on Nike Adapt pairs, but an extremely surprising combination between the Air Jordan 11 and Adapt will surely surprise many people. Right from the very first images we predicted a phenomenon that would come out. With jordanukshop looking back at this design after a year of launch!

The Air Jordan 11 25th Anniversary has always given us a very modern look and is considered to be one of the easiest shoes to match. Also to celebrate this special event, Nike has made a bold decision. That incorporates Adapt technology on this classic design.

Technological progress is created and renewed, whether the result will be like? This must still be a difficult question. Until the first official images of the Air Jordan 11 Adapt, there is no doubt about a true super product. Nike always knows how to refresh itself when the Air Jordan 11 now has a subtle white tone that exudes a modern look by its improved laces.

In addition, the icy base is also an iconic plus point when combined with the button part of the advanced adapt system. Although thickened in both the body and the sole, the shoe retains a certain degree of comfort, even considered as comfortable as the Nike Adapt because of its ability to adjust itself closely to the foot.

Not only fashion but also a strong step in technology, making the Air Jordan 11 Adapt one of the most sought-after Air Jordan pairs in 2020. The price can be said to be soaring, but not so much. dozens of times, but some sizes are also reaching the $ 1000 threshold.

Is this a worthy investment? According to jordanukshop, with the price of about $ 700 for a regular size just to experience new technologies, it seems a true Nike Adapt pair will do a lot better. Anyway, a bold combination that we can’t help but admire more than celebrate by remaking retro acclaimed color schemes as a safe option.

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